Episode 55 – A computer in a computer in a computer

March 6, 2016

Virtual_BoyComputers, but not really! We put on our propeller beanies and really nerd it up this week to discuss virtualization. We talk about the philosophy of virtualization (while dancing a bit around the definition), the parts of a virtual machine, and how to configure a VM from an OS installer.

This one’s for you, Akago!

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is something great by someone modest.

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Episode 54 – Podcasto Mo Ichi Do Onegaishimasu

February 28, 2016

thumbMo ichi do onegaishimasu! (one more time, please)

Here’s another episode about Japanese games. They’re just soy great!

The song at the end of this week’s show is Lament of the Highborne by Russell Brower from the game World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

Show notes:

Episode 53 – 溝渠

February 20, 2016

wpid4185-DSC1461Hajimemashite! We bow at a polite but not overly submissive 45 degree angle as we discuss some of our favourite Japanese games!

We love you, Troels!

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is Scorching Savanna arranged by Yoshihito Yano and Yu Miyake from the game We Love Katamari.

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Episode 52 – The Aww of Yay

February 14, 2016

sm1screenshot05Gaming is hard work! Like a walnut, sometimes you have to get through some tough bits to get to the nutty goodness within. This week we talk about games we like that have sequences we could do without.

The song at the end of this week’s show is North Wall by Yuzo Koshiro from the SNES game Actraiser.

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Episode 51 – Beep

February 7, 2016

This week we think fondly of our birds and we try to stump each other with a few rounds of Name The Game.

The sound at the beginning of the show is baby budgie Maxi chirping heartily from under her mom Phoenix’s bum.

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is Rain In The South by Art Fact.

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Episode 50 – Num Num Salt Lick

January 30, 2016


Episode 50!! We can hardly believe it. Thanks a million to our listeners for encouraging us for a whole year!

This week we welcome a very special guest, the multitalented author, game designer, and filmmaker extraordinaire, Max Barry. Our topic is useless and crappy computer peripherals, but we had such a fun and easygoing conversation that we took our sweet time getting there.

The song at the end of this week’s show is Ancient Era 4 by Jeffrey Briggs and Christopher Tin from the game Civilization 4.

Show notes:

Episode 49 – Licking Canadian Poles

January 24, 2016

image_3154c9432dBrian and Bianca cover a bunch of current events before dialing it back to the halcyon days of our youths. We celebrated too soon our freedom to stick to the script and only got a few points into our prewritten lists thanks to some fun tangents.

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is Human Battle 2 by Glenn Stafford from the game Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness.

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Episode 48 – She-Ra and the Phallus Palace

January 17, 2016

3eb3a2ea-4e57-4cc6-ab6e-9dfae57ee279_560_420Let’s give the ol’ Square Waves FM BEEP salute to our awesome guests Robert Menes and Edgar Valasco who join us this week to talk about nostalgic stuff from our childhoods.

The song at the end of this week’s podcast, despite a certain co-host’s protestations, is Twelve by Venetian Snares.

Show notes:

Episode 47 – Fear and Loathing and Tripping Out

January 11, 2016

XMU9wMee-YOW! This week it’s just the usual gruesome twosome due to a scheduling whoopsie by Brian (thanks Robert and Edgar for being flexible!). We discuss a very special Kickstarter and we design games based on some of our favourite novels.

The song at the end of this week’s show is Battle! D – ~None Shall Rustle~ by Rafael Langoni Smith from the game Overture.

Show notes:

Episode 46 – Some Shrinkage

January 2, 2016

It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it! Amirite fellas? We’ll keep telling ourselves this, at any rate. We hope you enjoy our new, easy to digest, shorter episodes.

Happy new year to you all, and much love to our listeners! Let’s press on and keep this cookie crumbling.

The song at the end of this week’s show is Dummy by Toby “Radiation” Fox from the game Undertale.

Show notes:

What we played on vacation:




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