MPC Magazine volume 0

mpcThanks to contributions from some of our listeners and family members, Chris compiled and mailed out about a dozen typewritten, photocopied zines a few months ago. This mailer was intended to be a special reward for our faithful listeners who were quick enough to get us their mailing addresses before we ran out of copies.

Now that it’s been a few months we feel the statute of limitations is up. It’s time to share this with everyone.

Download MPC zine volume 0 in PDF format

Rest assured that the scanned copy is just as clear and legible as the mailed copy!


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  1. Avi Hayun says:

    Loved the Magazine!

    Laughed my head out when reading it.

    And the first article is really inspiring and actually gave me second thoughts about those old quests. (I now actually cut them some slack)

    Waiting for the second volume and I intend to send you an article for it.


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