Episode 8 – Godly Podcast of the Whale (Multiplayer Part II)

WButcherRoome’re keeping good on a week-only promise and returning to the beloved Part II of our Multiplayer episode. If you’re the type that likes background radiation while you’re commuting or working, we don’t disappoint in this 3 hour mini-epic.

Brian and Chris continue the conversation on some of the well-known, and not so well-known multiplayer games of yore.

Diablo takes up a good 2.5 hours, but we save room for 688 Attack Sub, There (Online), The Sierra Network/Imagination Network, Chris’s failed attempt at a UO clone in Visual Basic, Heroes of Might and Magic II, and a prolonged discussion of adventure game design that proves we don’t know anything about what we’re talking about.

The song at the end of today’s show is Ohm by Moonstone.

Show notes:

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