Episode 62 – That’s not a seed

goodtobekingWoowoo! This would have been a more good-luck tale if Joey the carnivorous hellbird didn’t bite Brian so much. Regardless, whatever flesh remained of us made gumflapping sounds this week about remastered, rebooted, remade, reimagined, reincarnated, rejiggered, and redone games!

Thanks again to Joe Mastroianni for the great new mic! Please let us know whether this improves the audio.

And congrats to Ryan Barnard for winning Troels’s inexplicable contest of mysterious hoohaw!

The songs at the end of this week’s show are the¬†Transylvania themes from the original Ducktales on NES by¬†Hiroshige Tonomura, and from Ducktales Remastered by Jake Kaufman.

Show notes:

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