Episode 6 – The Hot Seat

48886_frontFlush your keyboard buffers and untangle your Y-splitter cables because we’re talking about early multiplayer gaming this week. We ran our mouths a little too long (imagine that) so we’ll resume with part 2 soon.

Big thanks to Troels for sharing his harrowing story about programming adventure games in BASIC. Also, a very special thanks to Francisco Gonzalez who shared some excellent personal stories about multiplayer gaming – we’ll feature these next time.

Want to chime in? We’d love to hear your stories about multiplayer gaming. Got tales to tell? Victories to gloat? Rivalries to rekindle? Write to us or send us an MP3 recording via our email address.

The song at the end of the episode is Dance of the Magi by Hypnotic Melody (aka Brian).

Show notes:

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