Episode 55 – A computer in a computer in a computer

Virtual_BoyComputers, but not really! We put on our propeller beanies and really nerd it up this week to discuss virtualization. We talk about the philosophy of virtualization (while dancing a bit around the definition), the parts of a virtual machine, and how to configure a VM from an OS installer.

This one’s for you, Akago!

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is something great by someone modest.

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  1. Chris Morrow says:

    Came across your podcast from Dos Nostalgia Anatoly’s suggestion. Wow more Canadian Retro-ers! Love the shows and listened to few so far. I had a 486 dos machine to run games but kept having hardware and driver problems. I ended up giving it away to salvation army when Dos Box got good but now mainly use Scummvm and DosBox to play the old classics. Also have PS4 and have been enjoying the remastered classics. Love your show and Canadianisms and love for all the cool retro lore. Thanks for your fantastic podcast. From the mysterious stranger.. Chris!

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