Episode 5 – First Loves

Kraftwerk_Computer_Love_single_coverIn this week’s daily dose of 80s and 90s gaming nostalgia, we welcome a new guest to the podcast: Mr. Ben Chandler!

This week we discuss our first loves: flight sims, arcade conversions, graphical adventures, hotseat multiplayer, city builders, physics puzzlers and a capitalist brainwashing simulator by the name of Donald Duck’s Playground. Brian coins a new term: the quivering power-squat, and Ben presses KQ7 CD against his male anatomy.

The song at the end of today’s podcast is The White Tiger by Skaven.

Show notes:

TI-BASIC programming tutorial

Compaq Deskpro 8086-XT

Brian’s first games:

Chris’s first games:

Ben’s first games:

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