Episode 45 – Giant Nobots

Tflat,1000x1000,075,fhe beeps are quelled until next year! Our last episode is an extra special one thanks to the return of the hardest working podcaster in the biz, Joe Mastroianni! (seriously, the dude’s doing 3 podcasts in 3 days!)

Our intent was to talk about mechs and gundams and other sorts of big stompy robot duders but we had so much fun shooting the shit that we never got around to shooting each other’s limbs off.

Next year we’re going to try our darndest to keep each episode to 2 hours max! Wish us luck, eh?

The song at the end of this week’s show is Wallace Bled by Saor Patrol from their album Full Throttle. Fucking bagpipes.

Show notes:

65535 thank yous to everyone who’s made this show such a joy! Huge thanks to cohost Chris for whom we’re keeping the host seat warm. Thanks to the intelligent and hilarious people who joined us as our guests. And thanks most of all to you, the listeners, for your feedback and letters and ears! BEEP!

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  1. Robert Menes says:

    You named one of the budgies after the magician from Phoenix Wright: Justice for All? AWESOME! 🙂

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