Episode 43 – Doucheboard and the Doodlakine Dork Vortex

cedricCrikey, Graham! It’s a poooisonous snake. Luckily we have the inimitable Jess Haskins and Francisco Gonzalez to tame it with witty and insightful observations about storytelling and narrative in games. We also had some great discussions about journals, audiologs, environmental storytelling, story pacing in open worlds, and of course Francisco makes with the ha ha with his many funny accents.

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is I’m Not Your Personal IT Guy by Devo Spice (thanks Father Beast!)

Show notes:

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  1. Robert Menes says:

    Since you guys mentioned the Steam sale, I went ahead and got Borderlands, all the DLC for Skullgirls, Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends, and sent a copy of the first Fallout to my brother.

  2. Robert Menes says:

    More information on Colossal Cave Adventure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossal_Cave_Adventure

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