Episode 40 – Happy Little Barfarama

889540a40debce92b4c8015c4d7767a2_400x400Satya Nadella seriously poops in Brian’s cornflakes this week – he vents with great vengeance and fuuuurious anger at Microsoft for giving OneDrive the shaft. We also talk about emergent gameplay and doing stuff we oughtn’t!

The song at the end of this week’s episode is Phart Noquer by Quasimojo of Chill Productions.

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Show notes:

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  1. Robert Menes says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Just a quick clarification: Edgar Velasco is the host of both podcasts, and I’m his partner in crime. 🙂

    Follow Edgar @MoonSpiderHugs on Twitter for more wackiness!

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