Episode 4 – MOD Tracker Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem! aka …

troelsWelcome to Episode 4, where Brian and Chris come clean about their unabashed love for Rebel Assault and Myst, and Troels airs out a fearful encounter with Jim Walls.

This week we welcome our first special guest, the Space Quest Historian himself: Troels Pleimert! Fearing nothing, we plunge into a deep discussion of the pitfalls of Star Wars: Rebel Assault and The Manhole. (We Brake For Myst Haters). Our main topic is MOD music culture and its proliferation in the 1990s BBS era. We also cover VGA resolutions in more detail (thanks Anatoly!), freaky acid trips, schoolroom troll shenanigans (thanks Joe!), and the ethics of quietly peeing while on the air.

The song at the end of this week’s show is “Square FM Theme” by Troels Pleimert himself! (and here’s the free open source Impulse Tracker file)

Show notes:

Nerdly Pleasures – 320×200: The Resolution of Choice for the IBM PC

Progress Quest

Idle Battle

Impulse Tracker

Scream Tracker 3

The Personal Computer Museum (Syd Bolton)

The ICON System

Andrew Sega – Taking Tracking Mainstream (Part 1)

The Space Quest Historian

Back Seat Designers Podcast



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