Episode 3 – The Doors

TW2002v1_DEBBIEDO.ANSWelcome to episode 3, where Brian gets to talk about an awkward BBS meet-up with a fashion model, and Chris admits his voyeurism in The Last Express. You decide which is worse.

This week we discuss the multiplayer door games of the BBS era like Solar Realms Elite, Barren Realms Elite, VGA Planets, Legend of the Red Dragon, and Tradewars 2002. Brian covers the ins and outs of real-life BBS meet-ups and the musical collaborations that came out of them. With… sexy results. We also talk MCGA/VGA graphics, RIPscripts, underground music and buying IBM PC clones at furniture stores.

The song at the end of this week’s podcast is Tranquility Within by Vicious.


Show notes:

Tradewars 2002 ANSI Movie

Solar Realms Elite

Barren Realms Elite

Legend of the Red Dragon

Grim Fandango Remastered

MCGA Video Standard

Templar by Jordan Mechner

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