Episode 10 – Ask Me About Boom

sq4-box2This week we welcome Chris Olson as our guest. Brian and Chris are shocked to find out that there are no technical corrections for the last episode (yet). We nosedive into a discussion of old school flight sims right off the bat before getting down to business. Brian discloses his sexy threesome date with Jones in the Fast Lane, and both Chris’s admit their admiration for first person FMV.

This week’s main topic is early CD-ROM games. We cover Chris Olson’s favourites which happen to overlap tons with our own. We cover: Jones in the Fast Lane, The Journeyman Project, Myst, Rebel Assault, Loom, and Return to Zork.

Next week we’ll be back with part two.

The song at the end of today’s show is Apollo 7 by E.

Show notes:

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